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With the right planning it’s made simple to achieve your dream garden:

#1 We visit your garden after contact to chat about uses, styles and
budget. We survey and assess your space for any problems, taking
access routes into consideration with all elements measured up.

#2 We draw multiple concepts for the garden. If you are not sure of
the best design path we discover what works merging the concepts.
We aim to get 100% from your garden which takes strong planning.

#3 Materials are selected and an accurate quotation is given for the
landscaping build work. Timescales are provided for installation,
plus we specify a date that works for you. No obligation.

#4 We build your garden. If you require any other service we provide
landscape maintenance and tree surgery by qualified contractors.

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Our team is trained in garden maintenance and all aspects of
design - providing solutions for your garden outdoor space.

Leigh Dickson is a landscaper / garden designer in winchester
with 15 years of garden knowledge and hands on experience.
he specialises in a wide variety of building skills to help
you enjoy your landscaped area. working on many residential
and commercial projects all over the south, Leigh Dickson
has extensive practice in natural science and garden art.

After working for many reputable landscaping firms over
Hampshire for 8 years whilst studying and obtaining a degree
foundation in science garden design (FdSc) Leigh is now well
equip to serve professional garden design and landscaping
services. with personal indemnity of £25k and public liability
insurance cover of £1 million - you are in good hands.

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